Fill Up My Luggage in the media

BNR news radio

BNR news radio interview with Co-founder FillUpA radio interview with one of the co-creators of FillUp. BNR News radio a Dutch radio channel featuring all day news radio called Djina in Indonesia for a short interview. This interview is in Dutch.

Nomad & Villager

Nomad and Villager

Fill Up My Luggage is recommend by the award winning Dutch travel blog Nomad and Villager. The blog explains the concept of Crowdshipping with practical examples. “Traveling daily for your work between Amsterdam and Rotterdam? Fill up the trunk of your car with goods and earn some bucks.”  Read here


An interview with the co-creators of FillUp by Erick &  Kirsten – editors of a Dutch travel blog Travelaar. The extensive article covers the background of the founders – Djina & Farid. “Waar is jullie reisvirus vandaan gekomen? Welke plek zou je onze lezers aanraden om naartoe te gaan? ” Pictures, background, insight information & more…


“Fill Up My Luggage: A travel tip!” Dutch travel blog – covers Fill Up My Luggage.



Dutch travel blog - Travelbysan.nlrecommends Fill Up My Luggage to the travelers: “a great initiative!”.