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Tip 2: How to travel better and lighter on a long term trip? Let's focus on your clothes!

Did it ever happen to you? You come back from your holiday and you realize that you didn't even use half of the clothes you had in your luggage! Think of all the extra kilos you dragged with you! You'll see how satisfying it is to bring the right amount of clothes: not too much, just enough. Follow my recommendations and tell me how it goes!

  1. Choose your lightest clothes
    Be efficient with the material you choose! Some clothes are lighter than others, but are actually warmer! For example see the brand Icebreaker: they sell clothes made from ultralight merino wool that offers naturally moisture-wicking, breathable and temperature-regulating comfort!It's all you need!

    You need inspiration? Check these outfits to travel light!
  2. Wash your clothes
    You won't need to bring so many clothes! By personal experience, I can say that when I travel I always wear the same clothes, the same shoes. So now I have decided to use as much of the same clothes as I can (hiking boots, flip flop and casual shoes) and I just wash them with my shampoo when they need to be washed, believe me it is much more efficient.

  3. Take clothes than can be easily washed
    Better to take printed clothes than a white dress that can easily become dirty -that would be a shame!

  4. Be efficient when you choose your clothes
    Take clothes that dry easily. This tip is obviously related to the previous one. If you want to wash your clothes, you have to choose your clothes that dry the best. For instance … Do you travel with a microfibre towel? It will change your life: It's way lighter and it dries really quickly. I also want to bring this awesome piece of clothing to your attention: the Keirin Cuts pants from the band Outlier, click on the  video  to see its cool waterproof function!

These 4tips may seem obvious, but sometimes people tend to forget that they travel for a long time and they bring tons of things that they don't even use. As a consequence, you realize that it's better to travel lighter, because you feel freer, and you will notice that you will lose less things ;).

Based on your personal experience, do you have any advises to travel better and lighter?


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Thursday, 21 March 2019
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