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A tip from Fillip! Going to Colombia? Bring ‘Colombia Fácil’ with you!


Are you going to Colombia and want to know all about this beautiful country? Meet: Colombia Fácil, the must- have travel guide! We stumbled upon this handy guidebook while traveling through Colombia. For the price of one Colombian beer (just 1 euro and some change), it will make your Colombian adventures hassle free! Read our review!

Traveling to Colombia is easy and accessible
Colombia Fácil makes traveling in Colombia easier and more exciting. Inge Swingen - the Belgian author of the book - has a passion for Colombia. The book is the result of her first hand travel experiences showing you the real Colombia! It covers over 75 reviewed destinations, including less famous but not- to-miss ones like Jardín, Pereira, and Alejandría. The guidebook highlights the transportation options, discounts, prices, lodging, maps, insider tips, and our favorite: salsa schools!! The guidebook is in English and Spanish.

Colombia Fácil is also available as an online guidebook. One thing that sets the online book apart is the personal fun to read travel stories and reviews from the Colombia Fácil reporters.

What we liked about this book is its weight. As die-hard travelers, we try to keep our backpack as light as possible and save every precious gram. That is why we stopped buying the well-known guidebooks long time ago, which generally weigh more than half a kilo. That is not the case with Colombia Fácil, which is light-weight and easy to carry.

The weight of the book comes with a trade-off, which are the comprehensive historical coverages of each destination. For us that was not a big issue. We used internet when we needed more background information. The lack of historical coverages is justified by the price and the weight of the book.

‘Where can I get Colombia Fácil?’
Basically - with some exceptions - you can get the guidebook only in Colombia. You will find the book in hostels, tour operator offices, and language schools. You can also check out the free version online. Visit:

‘How can I get a Colombia Fácil outside Colombia?’
How to get the guidebook outside of Colombia? FillUp will get it for you! We contacted Inge and told her how FillUp can help to spread this book outside Colombia and she was excited about it. So this is how it works:
1.    Search on for a traveler who is traveling from Colombia to your country.
2.    If you can’t find a traveler going your direction, than create a free advertisement and request for a traveler.
3.    After finding a traveler, contact him/her about how to pick up the guidebook in Colombia and how to receive the package in your country.
An obvious option would be that the traveler buys the guide for you. You can use PayPal to send money or agree to pay him/her afterwards when you meet each other. A convenient and safe place to meet each other is at the airport in your country.
4.    The website is free but you need to find a way to reward the traveler. You can of course pay the traveler in cash. But why not reward the traveler by showing him/her your city?


Summary and final verdict
PROS: Light weight, easy to read, good price, free online version
CONS: Lacks comprehensive historical coverage

Verdict: We really liked this travel guide. It is light-weight, cheap and comprehensive. With a bit of help from Wikipedia, you have all you need to enjoy this amzing country.

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